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We use naturally cultivated sourdough cultures to create ‘real bread’ with depth of flavour, an open texture and crunchy crust:

  • Plain Sourdough
  • Sourdough Seeds and Grains
  • Sourdough Kalamata Olive
  • Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil
  • Sourdough Dark Rye
  • Roasted Potato & Rosemary Sourdough


Our baguettes have a crispy crust and a fluffy, light interior, offering a mouthwatering textural combination. They’re crunchy, chewy and delicious.

  • Sourdough
  • Continental Panini


Whether it’s a hotdog roll or a light rye panini, all breadsolutions rolls are baked to the highest standards. It’s simply the best way we know they will deliver an amazing eating experience, every time.

  • White
  • Wholemeal
  • Plain Sourdough
  • Sourdough Seeds and Grains
  • Sourdough Dark Rye
  • Turkish Pide
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Pumpkin Seed and Purple Wheat Panini
  • Light Rye Panini
  • Pane Di Casa

frequently asked questions

the making of our products

Where do you make your products?

All of our products are made by our team of skilled bakers at our production facilities in Melbourne.

How can I see or buy your products?

Please send us an email with an overview of your business and the products you are interested in. One of our team members will then call you to work out the best way to provide you with product samples.

about our products

What is parbaked bread?

Our parbaked range is made and baked for a short period of time at our production facilities. It is then blast frozen to maximise quality and locked-in freshness, transported in frozen form to our customers and ‘baked off’ for between 4 to 6 minutes prior to being packaged and displayed for sale.

What is artisan bread?

Artisan bread is made by a skilled and knowledgeable baker using high quality ingredients. It has more flavour, a better crust and a more complex texture.

Do you make gluten free products?

We do not offer gluten free products within our current product range due to the complexity that arises when you don’t have a gluten free dedicated site.

Do you make organic products?

We do not currently make organic products however, we are a certified organic manufacturer and have the capability to produce an organic range.

What is the shelf life of your products?

While environmental conditions impact shelf life, generally our product remains fresh for two days after bake-off.

Do you use preservatives in your bread?

Wherever possible, our products are made with just flour, salt, water and yeast – just as bread is traditionally made.

How is sourdough bread made?

Bread can have a sourdough flavour via the use of vinegar, powdered man-made culture; or from the development of a ‘mother dough’ or ‘preferment’. We use traditional methods to create our own mother dough via the use of flour and water. When the fermentation process commences the gas bubbles and lactic acids that are created give our sourdough bread its beautiful slightly sour taste.


How should the frozen bread be stored prior to bake-off?

Our frozen parbaked product needs to be transported and stored at minus 18°c in the plastic bag and box in which it is packed.

Does the oven need to be preheated?

Yes, the oven needs to be preheated in accordance with the instructions provided with the product. This is generally at 240°c.

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