we want our bread to be
your first choice

Many breads these days are produced in ways that ‘cut corners’ which impacts quality
and taste. Our aim is to reverse this trend by using high quality, clean ingredients and
traditional baking techniques to produce products that look and taste amazing.

internationally trained
baking specialists

Long-term global strategic alliances support team and product development and process innovation.

Our team works closely with baking experts across the globe. These valuable partnerships give us a wealth of knowledge including consumer insights, product innovation, recipe formulation and process improvement.

I have great pride for the business that the breadsolutions team has built and enthusiasm for the future as we continue to innovate as one of Australia’s leading bread manufacturers.

Working with baking experts from across the globe enables us to continue to innovate, push boundaries in large scale production and impress our customers with our service and product offering.

Deyrick Upton

CEO and Founder

Deyrick Upton

our teams

Specialised, expert and enthusiastic, our teams are capable of finding the solution that
works best for you.

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giving back to
the community

At breadsolutions we believe we have an obligation to help support both our ‘breadsolutions community’ and the broader community.

As evidence of this we were a major partner to STREAT, a Melbourne based organisation helping homeless youth to have a stable self, stable job and stable home. We fully funded STREAT’s now highly successful bakery, café, coffee roasting and catering site known as Cromwell Street in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Our team continues to participate in charitable activities in our local community, as a way to give back to the place we call home.

our history

We’ve spent the last 17 years challenging and disrupting the bread industry to see a
return to a baking process built around quality, consistency and time-honored traditions.


Noticing a decline of skills and experience in the baking industry, Deyrick Upton started exploring ways that bread could be made at scale whilst still incorporating time honoured traditional techniques. Recognising that potential customers were also facing the same skill shortages, breadsolutions was born.


breadsolutions launched its parbake range of breads in Coles stores, allowing customers to enjoy delicious, fresh baked bread on demand.


breadsolutions opened its first state of the art bakery in Melbourne, setting new standards in design and innovation.


breadsolutions expanded its production capacity by 100% enabling it to keep up with demand from Coles and its other Retail, Quick Service Restaurant and Food Service customers. During this period the company continued to explore global industry trends and consumer preferences.


With ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and traditional baking skills; breadsolutions sent a team to an international hub for technical excellence in baking to train with global leaders in the field.


The breadsolutions team won a contract to supply a major Australian retailer with a range of highly artisanal sourdough loaves and rolls. The win was a testament to the company’s fighting spirit, product, process innovation and quality..


After two years collaborating with a consortium of six offshore equipment suppliers, each of which are experts in their field, breadsolutions built and commissioned a large-scale artisanal production line at its new state-of-the-art production facility in Melbourne’s south-east.