what it’s like to
work with us

At breadsolutions we bring our passion for bread making to the centre of the table, where our products can be shared and enjoyed by all.

We look out for each other, our customers and our community. We acknowledge the power of the team and what can be achieved when we respect ourselves, those around us and our environment.

We’re proud to say
“We make exceptional bread
and want our bread to be your
first choice, every day.

our values

Our key values guide our business, our product development, the way we do things, the way in which we interact with each other and our community and, importantly, who we hire.


ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone who walks through our doors.


striving to be better and always looking for areas of improvement in everything we do.


always demonstrating respect for ourselves, others and the environment.


feeling proud of what we do and how we do it.

Our most valuable resource is the skill, dedication and passion of our people.

We are a multicultural organisation which thrives on the diversity of backgrounds, ideas and life experiences of our team. While ‘family owned’, we strive to be as professional as any large corporate, and it enables us to be nimble in decision making and responding to changed circumstances.

We are collaborative, yet enjoy having robust discussions. We have a strong sense of community and we understand the importance of ‘giving back’ to those in need, wherever possible. As an organisation, we will always be entrepreneurial and innovative as that is what helps us to grow and be better today than we were yesterday.

As you can imagine, our team members are never short of a loaf of bread as we happily provide bread for our team to take home daily.

We also acknowledge those team members who actively live our company values via our monthly Most Valuable Player Award (‘MVP’).

Understanding that at times, life can be challenging, breadsolutions team members have access to an Employee Assistance Program.

We work hard and recognise those who exhibit our company values. Every team member returning home safely each day is of the utmost importance to us.

We have high expectations for ourselves and those around us, yet understand that we are all human and at times make mistakes. We know the importance of both individual and collaborative work and actively support knowledge sharing across our team.

We understand the importance of work – life balance and the many interpretations of what that is. We acknowledge both personal and team achievement.


breadsolutions is ever-growing and evolving to meet changes in consumer demand as well as marketplace opportunities. Career progression is possible for driven and capable team members. We recognise that our investment in targeted staff training is essential to the development of our team and the success of our business.