Why Use Us?

Because we care…

Each and every person at breadsolutions is committed to providing superior bread products and support services to the foodservice and retail industries.

We take pride in the high standards we set ourselves and continuously strive to find innovative and more efficient ways to satisfy our customers. Our commitment to quality covers everything from the ingredients we purchase to the rigorous quality control systems in the manufacturing process to our customer service ethic.

So, besides the fact that we really care about quality, looking after our customers and are extremely nice people, why use breadsolutions?

Straight from freezer to oven/freezer to table
– no skill, no fuss
Freshly baked bread within a short period of time
– no need to ever run out of product
Wastage reduced and minimal labour required
– bottom line profitability improved
Central production by an experienced team of skilled bakers
– dependable consistent product quality
Three ranges to choose from and constantly updated
– flexibility to cater to all consumer needs
Premium quality products with ‘fresh from oven’ appeal
– supports premium image and adds value