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The OvenReady® range is the result of innovative technology that eliminates the need for skill and lengthy preparation at your end.

All the hard work is done at breadsolution’s central production facility by our team of highly skilled bakers and all you need to do is bake-off our frozen dough piece to produce fresh, premium quality artisan bread.

The result is a more convenient, superior product with much greater flexibility.

Range includes Dinner Rolls, Parasettes, Focaccia and Baguettes.

Features Benefits
One bake only
  • Truly ‘fresh’ premium bread
  • Longer baked shelf life than parbaked
  • Does not dry out or go hard like parbaked potentially can
Ease of use
  • Requires minimal thawing – from 15 to 30 minutes
  • Ability to dress product as required – less SKU’s
  • From freezer to oven
  • No skill required
Bake as needed
  • Reduce wastage costs
  • Can respond immediately to increased demand
Our skilled team of bakers
  • Consistent, high quality product
Consumer experience
  • Aroma of freshly baked bread
  • Theatre of bread being taken out of oven