Parbake, Parasette… what do they mean?


Artisan Bread – Handcrafted products made by a skilled and knowledgeable baker using high quality ingredients. The bread has more flavour, better crust and a more complex texture


Baguette – A long, thin stick originating in France and noted for its crispy crust and light airy interior.

Bake-off – To bake a frozen dough piece or par-baked bread for consumption

Bread – One of the joys of life – especially when eaten warm out of the oven and with butter melted on top.

breadsolutions – innovative frozen dough and parbaked bread specialists providing a total bakery solution for the foodservice and retail industries in Australia


Craft Baker – This is a skilled baker who sees each product he/she makes through from start to finish. Each product is made from scratch using high quality ingredients.

Crumb – This describes the interior of the bread in terms of holes, moistness, colour, texture and flavour


Dough – A mixture of flour, water, salt and leavening that is thick and nonpourable


Focaccia – An Italian chewy flatbread made with pizza or bread dough that can be baked plain or studded with onions, fresh herbs, cheese, or whatever you choose.


Innovative – Think innovative, think breadsolutions!


minute bread® – The very latest breakthrough in frozen, pre-baked bread that is quick, easy and foolproof

Multigrain Bread – Bread made from a number of different grains often with some whole grains left in for texture. An excellent source of fibre.


OvenReady® – This range provides the latest generation of frozen doughs that eliminate the need for skill or lengthy preparation to bake them off.


Parasette – A roll with a similar texture and look of a baguette but suitable for a single serve

Parbake – Bread which has been partially baked (approximately 80%) at a central production facility and is then baked again to finish the process at the customer's facility

Petit Pain – The French name for a small, petite, crusty torpedo shaped roll

Proofing – This is the fermentation that takes place after the dough has been made. Usually, when fully proofed, the dough should have doubled in volume.


Ready to Bake – A product that doesn't require any skill or preparation and is completely ready to place in the oven to bake


Scratch Baking – To be involved in the entire process of making bread - beginning with weighing the ingredients through to baking and cooling the bread. This is unlike buying a prepared mix where all the work is done for the baker and they just add water.

Shelf Life – Refers to the degree of freshness or life span of the product eg Frozen shelf life relates to how long a product can be stored in a freezer whilst baked shelf life refers to the length of time a freshly baked product remains at peak condition


Thaw & Serve – Thaw & Serve is the perfect solution for those occasions when you can't or don't want to bake. The baking has been done for you and then frozen to maintain maximum freshness and taste.

Total Bakery Solution – breadsolutions offers a ‘total bakery solution' through its range of innovative products and the combined skills and expertise of the management team


Wastage – Baked products that are left over at the end of the day and need to be thrown out. Wastage refers to the cost of these products.