Got any questions?

Read our frequently asked questions below and if your question is not listed feel free to call 1800 627 677 or email sales@breadsolutions.com.au, and we will do our best to help you.

Where do you make your products?
All of our products are made by a team of skilled bakers at our production facility in Melbourne.

What’s the difference between parbaked bread and minute’ bread®?
The overall baking time for minute’ bread® is significantly less than for par-baked bread. This means that water loss is greatly reduced and that minute’ bread® is softer inside and has a thin sharp crust on the outside that won’t flake.

How do I dress the OvenReady® range ?
You only need to keep one SKU of the OvenReady® range to produce a variety of finished products. For example, a dinner roll can be left plain, rolled in poppy seeds or sesame seeds, sprinkled with cheese or dusted with flour. All you do is take the dinner roll out of the freezer and leave it on a tray for 10 minutes. This allows some water to come to the surface and you can then roll or sprinkle the dinner roll with what ever you like.

What’s the best way to defrost the ‘Thaw & Serve’ range?
We recommend that you place the products on a tray or in crates and cover with a plastic sheet. The time it takes to defrost depends on the temperature of the environment the products are in.

Is there a minimum quantity I have to bake-off at once?
No, you can bake as little as one piece at a time for both the OvenReady® and minute’ bread® ranges. This means that you can bake small quantities throughout the day to meet demand and ensure that your customers enjoy the freshest bread possible.

Do you need to defrost or thaw before baking?
The minute’ bread® range goes directly from the freezer into the oven and requires no defrosting at all. The OvenReady® range simply needs to be placed on a tray for a period of approximately 15-30 minutes before being baked.

How close can the products be placed on a tray?
We advise to space the products evenly on a tray, leaving a minimum distance of 5cm between products.

How long do your products take to bake?
Baking times will vary between the ranges and depending on the size of the product. As a rough guide, a minute’ dinner roll will take 2 minutes to bake whilst an OvenReady® dinner roll will take 20 minutes.

Do I need an oven with steam?
You do not need an oven with steam for the minute’ bread® range however you will need steam for the OvenReady® range.

How should I store the frozen dough or bread?
Ensure the products are stored at minus 18 ºc and are kept sealed within the plastic bag inside the cardboard box at all times.

Does the oven need to be preheated?
Yes, the oven needs to be preheated and have reached a temperature of 180º for the OvenReady® range and a temperature of 240º for the minute’ bread®.

How can I see or buy your products?
Please send us an email and we will be pleased to call you to work out the best way for you to obtain some of our products.